The Posillipo room, in a relaxing powder-blue tone, reminds you of the sky reached by the salty puffs of the wind that comes from the sea at night.

The word Posillipo comes from the Greek term “Pausilypon” and literally means “rest from the worries and problems” or in other word unwind, Posillipo lies among the most beautiful and famous neighborhoods of Naples. The area has numerous beautiful villas and elegant buildings. Since ancient times, it has been loved and frequented by famous people to relax and enjoy formidable panoramic views, some of which are represented in the refined and artistic photographic sequences that we have chosen to decorate the walls.

We put our thoughts in every single detail for instance the ceiling, has a built in lights, which looks like candles illuminated at night. Posillipo room has a dressing room entrance, private bathroom with shower and hairdryer, divisible double bed, balcony, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and flat screen TV.

1.      the price does not include the tourist tax of € 2,50 per person per day;
2.      the minimum and maximum price will be calculated according to the length of stay and the tourist season.

omino omino  € 80/120



Air Conditioned


Change of linens

Safety deposit box




Smart TV with keyboard